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Pastry Menu

Build your own crepe 5$


choose any 3 ingridients:



chocolate sauce, caramel, penut butter, sweetend cream cheese, nutella, cajeta, honey maple syrup, strawberrys, bananas, 

apples and cinammon, peaches,pineapple, almonds, picans ,walnuts, coconut, M&Ms, oreo cookies, marshmallow, chocolate chips, birthday sprinkles,

 cinammon, sugar, fresh lemon juice.


Whiped cream on us :-)






  • Spinach & ricotta w/ pesto sauces

  • Chicken fajita 

  • chicken pesto / w parmesan 

  • Ham & chz 

  • Spinach, tomato & feta /w olive tapenad

  • Chicken mole

  • Tomato, mozzarela and basil w/ balsamic 



Savory menu 7$
Homemade Drinks

Summer drinks

  • Old fasion Lemonade

  • Fresh Strawberry Lemonade


Located at 2333 W Sunnyside Ave Chicago IL 60625 

Call / text (312)7223373 

Eamil us at:

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